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Estero, FL

Dr. Convertino and the iCare Solutions team in Estero will be happy to see you in our Estero, FL office soon!

iCare Solutions, Estero, FL is located inside the Walmart Supercenter. Nearby our eyecare office, only a 2 mile drive away, you will find the Koreshan State Historic Site and Recreational Area. Recreational activities available include picnicking, fishing, boating, camping, canoeing, hiking, as well as unique flora and fauna and wildlife viewing. Amenities included are walking/hiking trails and a picnic area on the Estero River, a campground, canoe rentals, and a boat ramp. Along the Gulf nearby you will find beach activities as well as kayak rentals on the river within a very short distance just outside the park. A wide variety of plant species from across the world were imported by the Koreshans, including: a Araucaria bidwillii tree, native to Queensland, Australia, and drops seed pods as large as a football; a number of Kigelia trees (also known as sausage trees) which are indigenous to Africa and a favorite food of giraffes; eucalyptus, mango and other fruit bearing trees, and an enormous amount of Japanese bamboo. We hope to see you soon at iCare Solutions, Estero for all your eyecare needs!

Our team is happy to help with your vision testing and treatment at your convenience.


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19975 South Tamiami Trail
Estero, FL 33928
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