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Zeiss Clarus Ultra Wide-field Retinal Scan


Examining the entire retina is critical.  Some of the most pervasive eye diseases, such as retinal tearing, tumors, and macular degeneration, occur in the far periphery of the eye, making them difficult to detect. Symptoms often do not show up in the early stages and vision may not be affected until there is significant and unrecoverable damage.

The ultra-widefield retina exam is beneficial even if you feel your eyes are healthy. By examining the health of your fundus periodically, your eye doctor can view images from year to year and detect subtle changes in your eyes over time. These changes could go unnoticed and can be the sign of early changes in your eye health.

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Compromising image quality may leave some pathology unseen. Signs of early disease are often subtle and can occur in the far periphery of the retina. Widefield imaging has shown to reveal more pathology than standard fields and allows for more thorough documentation and detection of peripheral retinal pathology. However, traditional fundus imaging remains the standard for macular and optic nerve diagnosis and documentation. CLARUS™ 500 is the next generation, ultra-widefield fundus imaging system from ZEISS that provides true color and high-resolution across an ultra-wide image.

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